Novel design, light & fashionable——CURDO Vaporizer polaris

Novel design, light & fashionable——CURDO Vaporizer polaris
Polaris is a new voltage-adjustable Vaporizer box. Polaris uses classic contrast color design and makes the“golden section”with simple and strong lines. The star gem in the center like sparkling star becomes the highlight of Polaris's design. Simple, but unusual
Polaris has a moderate body size, and strong & smooth lines. Its arc chamfer design makes it easy to fit the palm and to achieve the comfortable grab feel.
 Moderate & satisfactory size Small volume & large capacity: The built-in 400mah polymer battery of Polaris allows continuous power supply. The remaining oil can be checked at any time through the its body which can be seen as an oil tank , so that you can enjoy the smoke at ease without any trouble of oil break. It is different. It is unique.
With the Size of 60 (H)**38.28 (L)* 19.58 (W) mm, Polaris has delicate texture, by applying metal paint process. It is really beautiful.
Low-energy consumption technology the use time longer than you think In order to make every good enjoyment continuously, it is equipped with 400mah built-in battery. And it has stable performance for enjoyment through the whole day with the latest energy-saving technology. Automatic protection of abnormal state Overcharge protection, short-circuit protection, low-resistance protection, low -voltage protection, smoke time-limit protection, open-circuit protection